Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you have flu symptoms and are worried, you can consult a doctor or a Specialized Nurse Practitioner by videoconference to answer your questions.


Welcome to our online telemedicine VirtualMED in partnership with ExcelleMD.

Your medical professionals at the tip of your fingers. Whether a small emergency or a medical follow-up, you can have access from the comfort of your home or your office.

IMPORTANT - MODIFIED SCHEDULE - Please take note that our schedule has changed

Service Hours

In case of an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the closest hospital.

Thank you for your understanding

The VirtualMED Team

Minor emergencies and mental health

Contact us at 1-888-678-8111 to make an appointment

Service plans and specialists

If you are covered by a service plan or want to consult a specialist, log in here using the links below.